Grants Management

  1. Capacity Building support for grants administration staff
    • Advise on best practices for workflow on grants (for example, proposal review and approve process; pre-and post-award grant-making data management and payment process.
    • Manage the life-cycle of the grantmaking process from accepting, reviewing, tracking, approving/declining and disbursing grants with Foundation’s customized process.
    • Develop customized data metrics within grants management system to measure program outcomes.
    • Train staff on grants management system for increased productivity.
    • Develop schedules to verify data integrity within grants management system.
    • Develop operational efficiencies for grant programs with high volume transactions or complex requirements for outcome measurements.
    • Develop paperless grants process with appropriate grants management system.
    • Develop philanthropic reports for external audience and surveys for grant portfolio.
    • Develop complex payment disbursement process for electronic funds transfer with integration within grants management system.
  2. Due Diligence support and guidance for private foundations
    • Develop reports to include with IRS 990 PF based updated federal IRS regulations.
    • Develop processes to reconcile grants management system with accounting systems to ensure data integrity on a consistent basis to adhere to auditing requirements.
    • Develop budget tracking reports for program management and projected spend-down analysis for senior leaders.

Technology and Systems Evaluation

  • Evaluate current grants management system to determine if an improved configuration would streamline grants administration.
  • Develop a recommendation presentation for grants management system based on grant making requirements.
  • Implement grants management system with customization for effective grants management design and optimization.

Additional Services

  • Advise on philanthropic programs to align with company and foundation interest.
  • Research and recommend charitable giving programs which could differentiate how consumers view a company’s reputation among competitors.
  • Develop strategic evaluation to track program outcomes and measurement.
  • Prepare corporate social responsibility surveys for brand recognition.
  • Design a volunteer grant program and procedure to track hours for volunteering activities.
  • Develop program toolkit for employee engagement activities to increase community giving and brand recognition.
  • Plan logistics for special events such as volunteer activities and fundraising.
  • Manage Donor Advised Funds for fundraising and membership recruitment/retention.
  • Plan high profile events for brand reputation and increased media awareness.
  • Develop Giving Tuesday fundraising event for nonprofit or foundation’s brand recognition.