Giving Back, Changing Lives, Refining Grant Making

Our mission is to advise funders to streamline grant-making and develop tools that empower staff to adopt new processes and systems. Additionally, the multi-cultural aspect of our team will offer a diverse lens with staff.

Our niche consultant has 27 years of grants management experience working with national and international funders on various grants management systems (GMS) and operational projects, and provides a hands-on comprehensive understanding of all staff work levels.

Our project management practices go beyond deliverables and deadlines, as our philanthropic global perspective allows for innovation in core processes to better align funders with their guiding principles and values.

Our change management strategy is inclusive of all user experiences by delicately maneuvering culture shifts with evolving grant-making processes and GMS implementation to ensure long-term user adoption.

Chindaly Griffith is my go-to advisor on all things grants management. She is a top expert in process improvement, grants system implementations, and change management, and she brings an important equity lens to her work. I also appreciate how well she gets buy-in from foundation leadership and advocates for grants management. I can’t recommend her enough.

— Adam Liebling, Grants Management Professional (previously with: Carnegie Corporation of New York, ASPCA, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

Getting to know Chindaly, during a Grants Management System project has been amazing to see how her brain works as she is incredibly knowledgeable and organized.

Jare Akchin, Program Director (previously with a Chicago Private Foundation)

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